Melina Jaharis, mezzo-soprano

Date and Time: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 2:30pm
Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall

Student of W. Stephen Smith

Assisted by Chuck Foster, piano; Jillian DeGroot, flute; Ellie Kirk, harp

Giovanni Pacini, “Ahi! Giusta pena io colsi” from Saffo
Paula M. Kimper, “Sarah’s aria” from Patience and Sarah
Paula M. Kimper, “Patience’s aria” from Patience and Sarah
Undine Smith Moore, Love Let the Wind Cry… How I Adore Thee
Richard Boldrey
     “To sing”
     "To love”
     “To burn”
     “To long”
     “To sleep”
From Five Lyric Phrases of the Tenth Muse of Mytilene (poetic fragments of Sappho)
Ivor Gurney, I. Lonely Night and IV. The Quiet Mist from Seven Sappho Songs
Ross Crean, “Elvira aria 1” and “Elvira aria 2” from The Times are Nightfall
Charles Gounod, O ma lyre immortelle from Sapho
Mischa Spoliansky, Das lila Lied

Admission is free.

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